Adopt a Senior Pet!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. We’ve put a list together of reasons Senior Dogs Rock.

Senior Dogs are polite and have mellowed with age.  They are long past the puppy phase and have learned manners by now.

House-trained. You get to skip the potty-training stage that comes with a puppy along with cleaning up after accidents.

Becoming part of the family. Older dogs usually get along better with other animals because they have had time and experience. They become part of your family just that much faster.

No chewed up shoes!  Senior dogs are done with the teething phase and have usually learned what they are allowed to play with and which are their toys.

Time for Yourself.  They don’t make the kinds of demands on your time that puppies and young dogs do. Sometimes they just enjoy being curled up next to you on the couch.

     Sleep. They know about sleeping at night and won’t need to get you up to go outside.                                          adopt-senior-dog-november

     Love. They know the importance of a family and in return will give you lots of unconditional love.

     Check out our directory for a local shelter to find a senior dog!

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